An important element of our mission is to advance the quality of wound care worldwide through funding and outreach. In 2015, the WHF board volunteered over 3,400 hours for the dedicated purpose of bringing awareness and funding to the wound healing community.


Did you know you could help heal wounds by volunteering? You can! The Foundation needs volunteers to help improve wound awareness, raise money for wound research, and promote wound education.

Support Community

The WHF is excited and proud to partner with Inspire, the leading social network for health, to offer a safe place for patients and caregivers to connect and support one another on issues related to wound care, traumatic wounds, chronic wounds, amputation, scars, symptoms and much more.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

In 2003, the Wound Healing Foundation (WHF) and president Dr. Elof Eriksson determined that standards based on evidence should be developed specific for wound healing.